Business Hours:
Mon.: 3 pm - 10 pm
Tue. - Sat.: 11 am - 10:30 pm
Sun: 12:00 noon - 10 pm
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Reviewed by: lonnettefirley3 on: 2018/5/1 19:09:13
Omg..what is the cooks name I ordered my food at 8pm..food is fresh and good very fast delivery
Reviewed by: bellaava122 on: 2018/3/28 18:07:26
Recently ordered and the food was delicious but they didn’t put all the things I ordered in the bag
Reviewed by: sailormoonchan on: 2018/2/14 11:46:20
THE best Chinese restaurant in SE WI. Their food is always SO good and their delivery times are really speedy! They really do care about the quality of their food and how they treat their customers. Definitely order from them, you won't regret it!
Reviewed by: michaeldwalters on: 2016-11-07
Love this place! Just a few blocks away and tasty goodness :)
Reviewed by: strattec24 on: 2014-12-21
this restaurant is a complete joke this is the third time I have ordered from here order was completely wrong the last time I ordered from here I asked for chow mein noodles they gave me white rice the time before that I ordered three patties of egg foo young I got two Patties with white rice which I ordered shrimp fried rice this time I ordered a soda never got iteverybody please trust me you would be better off going to another Chinese restaurant in South Milwaukee this place is a complete joke. Management don't even let you know when your order is ready I walked in there ask when my order will be ready they said it was ready 20 minutes ago and I was never notified like they said they would.there solution to forgetting my soda was for me to come pick it up. I said forget that I'm already home and she says ok well we can put down for next time I said forget that I will not be back everytime you mess up my order. Rather than apologizing or trying to fix the situation I was told have a good day.
Reviewed by: amandapandaland on: 2014-04-11
We love San Fong. Not only are they willing to drive all the way to our home for delivery but they are friendly and the food is delicious. I've never had a bad experience or a bad meal. General Tso's is so good as well as the chinese biscuits, crab rangoon and chicken sticks. Even my picky eater children love their food!
Reviewed by: acharbonneau on: 2014-02-04
The dumplings were the best I've ever had...The rest of it...Not so much! Lo Mein is NOT made with spaghetti noodles....just saying! General Tso's...Not that great! Egg Rolls...Blah!
Reviewed by: huntrpadge on: 2014-02-03
Don't order from here. Apparently it is out of business.
Reviewed by: fatyfin81 on: 2014-01-30
Ive gone here bfore because I liked the veggie stir fry. But I just went back two days ago Ja 28th t order some dinner. While standing there the woman put down a bag and said if someone calls this is their chicken. (the delivery person or herself must have forgotten to give it to the people) Within 30 seconds the phone rang. She sad and I quote "Yes, we have you food here. You can come get it. No he is on a delivery it would be faster for you to come get it". Are you kidding me? Its your fault then you tell a buying customer to pick it up themselves when they probably already tipped the driver. UNREAL!! Then I got my food andwent home. The rice was good. Then I bit into my eggroll and a thick black hair about 2 inches long in my mouth and the egg roll. Between the rude woman, their rude service, and lack of health codes there like hair nets I am done going here. GROSS!!!
Reviewed by: kailabrito on: 2014-01-01
Best food! We won't go anywhere else!
Reviewed by: Sleeeeve24 on: 2013-03-26
Best place in town! No joke! I love the General Tsou's chicken!!! Chinese doughnuts are amazing too! Get 'em!!!
Reviewed by: dejayzepeda on: 2012-09-10
-Food and price are excellent but you need to put your business hours on the site pleas!!!!
Reviewed by: Brandala182007 on: 2012-04-16
There prices are good and there food is amazing! My family has tried almost every Chinese food place in south Milwaukee and San fong is best priced and the food always tastes amazing! I won't go to any other place!